Zlin Z50 (75-91)

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The Zlin is a Czechoslovakian aerobatic aircraft which is renowned for it's high quality, extremely responsive construction and the Seagull Models representation of this is no different. Designed for pilots who want more than just straight flying from point A to point B!

The kit features pre-printed rivot details on the factory applied Oracover covering for a more realistic appearance, you even get a pilot included in the kit. The pre-painted fibre-glass cowl and clear canopy have been designed to last.

Key FeaturesApprox flying weight - 8.6lbs (3.9kg)
Factory covered with Oracover
Flying skill level - Advanced
Length - 49.1ins (124.6cm)
Radio - 6 Channel with 5 digital servos
Suits - 75-91 2-Stroke (91-120 4-Stroke)
Wing area - 779.7sq.ins (50.3dm)
Wingspan - 67.7ins (172cm)