[Replaced by KNNA1000] T5 2.4GHz Transmitter Only (Mode II)

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Planet - 2.4GHz radio control for models

The Planet T5 transmitter and R6M micro receiver have been designed for crystal-free operation with Park Flyer, indoor aircraft and small electric-type models. It's uncomplicated yet sophisticated design makes it an ideal first system or a general purpose sport system for R/C modelling.It uses state-of-the-art computer technology to bind it's transmitter and receiver in such a fashion that, under most model flying conditions, interference that would normally cause loss of control in 35mHz or 27mHz equipment is nearly always rejectedÑand in most cases radio functionality is entirely unaffected. This makes for a safer, more reassuring flying experience.It also enables a pilot to turn up, switch on and fly under most conditionsÑsubject to local flyingguidelines and rules.Planet T5 features Advanced 2.4GHz control with a high sensitivity, lightweight 6gram micro receiver with fantastic range that make it ideal for even the smallerR/C indoor models. The R6M and other Planet single aerial high sensitivitymicro receivers are ultra-compact and allow for the same rapid and non-criticalinstallation that we had become accustomed to with 35MHz equipment. You willnot have to worry about multi aerial placement with a Planet system.

One-button Binding

2.4Ghz technology creates a 'bound' relationship between the Transmitter and Receiver. The 'setup' of this relationship is known as 'binding' and can be achieved simply with one click of the R6M's Binding MicroswitchÑno fiddly'binding plugs' required here.
In a 'bound' transmitter/receiver state the receiver is exclusively bound to the transmitter and can only respond to signals received from that transmitter. Binding is done at the factory. Once a transmitter is bound to it's receiver, re-binding of transmitter and receiver is not normally required.

Planet T5 features:

  • Simple one-button transmitter/receiver binding
  • Side & rear ergonomic grips for maximum transmitter security
  • Steel carry handle and neck strap mount
  • Precision, adjustable height dual-axis stick units
  • Front-mounted reversing switch panel
  • Unique slow-rate retract/flap switch (channel 5)
  • Low power consumption 4-cell transmitter
  • Lightweight (6 gram) micro 6-channel receiver
  • Simple programmable fail-safe function
  • Convenient crystal-free operation
The Planet transmitter has been expertly designed and manufactured and incorporates full 4-function control via two silky-smooth dual axis control sticks and a 5th function for lights/retracts, etc., as well as adjustable stick spring tensions (convertible between Mode II (throttle left) and Mode I (throttle right)). The transmitter also features a socket for an optional Flight Simulator cable set, servo reversing switches, LCD battery status display, moulded ergonomic rear and side grips and is powered by 4 AA pencells.NB. The Planet T5 is not a complete system; other parts must be purchased in order to obtain full functionality from this equipment.

Important note - equipment range

Be aware that Planet T5 is not a 'full range' system and should only be used at ranges of up to around 100 metres. Always perform a range check before use! Planet 5 has been tested with many types of models and operated at ranges significantly greater than thatrecommended. However, 2.4GHz equipment can be affected by terrain, weather and obstacles to a greater degree than conventional 35mHz R/C equipment. Therefore, do not be tempted to exceedthe specifications described in detail in the instruction manual!


rock-solid r/c

Key FeaturesConvenient crystal-free operation
Low power consumption 4-cell
Precision, adjustable height dual-axis stick units
Side & rear ergonomic grips for maximum transmitter security
Simple one-button transmitter/receiver binding
Simple programmable fail-safe function
Unique slow-rate retract/flap switch (channel 5)