Super Tucano (91) incl. Retracts

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The Super Tucano derived from the original, well loved, Tucano. The Super Tucano is a popular choice for air forces around the globe for training their pilots to the highest standards before moving them on to jet aircrafts. The Super Tucano is not just a sophisticated trainer, its also a great strike aircraft and can be deployed where high performance combat aircraft is not appropriate.Seagull models have made an authentic rendition of this great looking aircraft which includes great features like drop tanks, missiles, detailed markings, Flaps, Pilot and navigator and retracts. We feel this is a stunningly turned out model, but dont just take our word for it, take this down to your flying site and watch it draw attention!Finished impeccably in Oracover covering "Simply the best

Key FeaturesApprox flying weight - 9.9lbs (4.5kg)
Factory covered with Oracover
Flying skill level - Intermediate/Advanced
Length - 62.4ins (158.4cm)
Radio - 6 Channel with 9 servos
Suits - 91-100 2-Stroke (100-120 4-stroke)
Wing area - 658.8sq.ins (42.5dm)
Wingspan - 65.0ins (165cm)