Speed Attack Brushed Car ESC (15-36 Turn)

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Designed for when size is important and smooth precise operation is essential! Small enough to fit into any cramped environment of today's high performance car chassis where space is at a minimum and high performance is a necessity! The Speed Attack ESC has many useful functions and features that make this a very neat and very practical unit.

It utilises a fast one touch set-up button to help get you on the track as fast as possible along with its Over Heat and Over Current protection system and its SMT technology, this is one of the safest, compact ESC available.

It boasts an energy saving system that turns the energy form the braking system when applied, back into power and puts it back into the battery!Well I'm impressed!!

The Attack ESC also has a very low internal resistance of 0.007 (ohm) x 2 and a maximum drive current of 90A and can handle Pulse currents of up to 420A which is far beyond the motor limits of 36 to 15 turn so should offer a very long operating life for many years to come.

Key FeaturesCharges battery when brakes are applied
Electronic Brushed Speed Controller for Cars
Forward and Reverse operation
Motors - 36-15 turn brushed motors
Over heat and amp protection system
Quick Set-up One Touch Program Button
Small and very light - 31x39x15 (38 grams)
Voltage - 7.2-8.4 Volts