Servo Mini-HV 65115

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High-voltage (HV) servos can be operated directly from two-cell Lithium-based batteries (LiFe / LiIo / LiPo) with a nominal voltage of 6.7—7.4 V. In contrast, conventional servos are designed for a nominal voltage of 4.8 V, based on a battery technology (DEAC) which is more than fifty years old. This means that they must be protected from overloading by some form of voltage reducer* if Lithium batteries are used. This reduces the overall efficiency of the system, and leads to dissipated power, additional components and more connectors. LiXX batteries have a higher voltage curve, greater energy density and lower self-discharge rates than NiXX batteries. For a given power, if the voltage is higher, the current is lower.


  • ¥ Use of smaller, lighter batteries; alternatively longer operating times if batteries of the same capacity are used
  • ¥ Reduced power losses through connectors and long cables (where required)
  • ¥ Smaller cable cross-sections can be used (saving weight)
  • ¥ Less cabling complexity (models with many servos no longer require stabilisation systems)

Modern receivers are designed for voltages up to 9 V, and if HV servos are used, there is nothing to prevent modellers using modern, superior Lithium technology directly.

* For 4.8 V servos in a mixed system with 2S LiPo batteries - Servo-Voltage Regulator # 8 5066

Low-cost analogue servo, an excellent first choice in the field of High-Voltage servos

  • ¥ Designed for direct use with 7.4 V LiXX batteries
  • ¥ Higher efficiency and lower dissipated power
  • ¥ Twin-ballraced output shaft
Typical application: all standard models, e.g. electric and glow-powered helicopters up to the .50 class, and aerobatic power models of the 6S LiPo or .60 - .90 class. Also suitable for large-scale models for functions such as airbrakes, throttle, choke, etc.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 40 x 20 x 37 mm
Weight: approx. 45 g
Gearbox: Plastic
Ballraces: 2
Torque @ 6 V / 7.4 V: * 43 / 51 Ncm
Transit speed for 40° @ 6 V / 7.4 V: * 0.11 / 0.09 sec