Optima D Drone Racing S-Bus/PPM Micro Receiver with Voltage Telemetry

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A compact, lightweight, micro-size S-Bus and PPM receiver that’s ideal for drones and optimised for quad racing. With accurate voltage telemetry and selectable S-Bus/PPM operation the Optima D is compatible with all types of Flight Controller. Offering a full 8/9 channel output it’s compatible with all Hitec 2.4GHz aircraft radios such as the Aurora 9, Aurora 9X, Flash 7 and 8. Weighing only 4.1g, the Optima D receiver can be mounted in the tiniest of spaces so is just the job for even the most compact racing quads. With S-Bus, you get increased speed due to lower latency and higher resolution. Plus, it’s connected to your Flight Controller with a single lead, so the tricky problem of bundling wires is removed.


Length (mm): 35
Width (mm): 16.8
Height (mm): 5
Weight (g): 4.1
Key FeaturesMicro 2.4GHz receiver optimised for drone racing.
Telemetry function: voltage.
Selectable S-Bus (Channel 9) and PPM (Channel 8).
RSSI signal out.
Fail-safe / hold function.
Compatible with all Hitec radios.
Operating voltage: 4.8 - 8.4.