PT-19 Giant Scale

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Forever, well as long as I can remember, the PT-19 has been a popular choice for classic model pilots because of their looks, flying characteristics and a bit of nostalgia thrown in. This PT-19 boasts a large 202cm wingspan so it's not a small model by any means and this large scale helps make this PT-19 a formidable model.

Inside the box

We get use to seeing a well presented kit from the Seagull factory and this is no exception. Opening the large box you will be faced with a neatly packed kit with all contents individually pack and secured ensuring the kit reaches you in the best possible condition.


Seagull where keen to make this PT-19 look as scale as possible so included features like, Oleo sprung undercarriage, split flaps, exhaust pipes, two light weight pilots, cockpit detail and a traditional scale colour scheme cut from Oracover.


In my book a 4 stroke is the only way to go with this type of classic aircraft but there is also a 2 stroke option.


  • All wood construction
  • Aerobatic performance
  • Eye catching scale colour scheme
  • Nostalgic looks created with genuine Oracover film covering
  • Colourful scale decal sheet
  • Factory painted fibreglass cowl
  • Scale oleo landing gear with painted ABS covers
  • Highly detailed open cockpits with lightweight painted pilots
  • Dummy scale exhaust and roll over pylon
  • Loaded with intricate scale add-ons
Key FeaturesApprox flying weight - 11.9lbs (5.4Kg)
Factory covered with Oracover
Flying skill level -
Length - 58.6ins (148.8cm)
Radio - 6 Channel with 8 servos (HS635HB)
Suits - 90-120 2-Stroke (120 4-stroke)
Wing area - 965.7sq.ins (62.3dm)
Wingspan - 79.5ins (202cm)