1:16 1982 Pontiac Firebird

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The sleek design of the third-generation Pontiac© Firebird© is a prime example of 1980’s aesthetic. In a sea of squared-off “boats”, the sweptback look made the car appear to be moving while standing still. This exciting re-issue from MPC brings back the car as a large, 1/16 scale model kit and features authentic detailing inside and out. It features opening doors and hood and steer-able wheels. Many optional parts are included to modify the kit. Decals come with two color schemes and license plate options. An illustrated instruction booklet is included.

1/16 scale, skill level 3, moulded in white
Removable T-top roof
Posable front wheels
Opening hood and doors
Optional parts include twin turbo setup, side pipes, stock & custom wheels, hood scoops