PC-9 V2 (120) (1.8M)

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The Aussie PC9 series

Seagull were the first to bring this great-looking RAAF Roulette Display Team aircraft to the attention of the discerning modeller. The smooth flight performance of the original 46-powered model has become legendary. Now also available in two larger sizes with retracts included, these are as smooth and buttery in flight as the original, as well as looking top banana!
Key FeaturesApprox flying weight - 10.1-11.9lb (4.6-5.4kg)
Electric conversion kit included FREE!
Factory covered with Oracover
Length - 66.1ins (168cm)
Suits - 120 2-Stroke (160 4-Stroke
Wing area - 789.0sq.ins (50.9sq.dm)
Wingspan - 71ins (1.80m)