Jumper 25-32 Trainer

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What a great medium sized factory-built trainer aircraft!More compact than the hugely popular Arising Star but with fabulous flying qualities and the same feature set: laser-cut parts, covered and finished with pinned hinges, steerable nose gear, fitted pushrods/servo trays and comprehensive Seagull accessory pack with illustrated instruction manual.

The cunningly crafted semi-symmetrical wing profile provides fantastic low speed handling and there's plenty of power when using a trusty SC25 for initial aerobatics training too. It's the best value, best performing medium sized trainer/sport flyer on the market!

Key Features4 channel RC with 4 servos
Approx flying weight - 2.2-2.5kg (4.85-5.5lb)
Length - 39ins (101cm)
Skill level - Beginner
Suits - 25-32 2-stroke (30-40 4-stroke)
Wing Area - 23.3sq.dm (499 sq.ins)
Wingspan - 139cm (55ins)