Harrier 90 3D

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A true classic 3D model coyly revealing it's beautiful laser-cut balsa work, painstaking, surgical assembly and delectably finished in wonderfully strong transparent Oracover. As you would expect, the lightweight structure, thick profile and generous side area/control surfaces give even the new 3D pilot the chance to wring out and display a classy and impressive 3D model!

Factory-built and covered of course. Even the motor mount has been fitted as also have hinges and servo tray.Supplied with the kit is a comprehensive accessories pack, tubular aluminium wing joiners and wire tailplane braces. The kit also includes pushrods with hardware included, wheels, tank, LW glass cloth cowl, undercarriage plus coloured decal sheet and a fully illustrated instruction manual to aid assembly.

An economical and classy way to try out 3D.

Key Features4 channel RC with 6 servos
Approximate flying weight - 7.8lb (3.2-3.6kg)
Factory covered with Oracover
Length - 66ins (168cm)
Suits - 61-108 2-stroke. (91-120 4-stroke)
Wing area - 61.2sq.dm (948.4sq.ins)
Wing span - 60.5ins (154cm)