Clearcoat 110ml Tins

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Synthetic resin solution. Dries to a transparent, colourless, glossy, flexible, fuel-resistant coating. Used for sealing wooden surfaces in engine bays, tank bays, wing-seat areas (and anywhere there will be fuel or fuel residues) BEFORE covering the model with an iron-on covering. When the covering is applied , the adhesive and the dried Clearcoat melt and fuse together forming a seal at the edge of the covering. This prevents fuel or oil getting under the edge of the covering. Even if some fuel or oil gets under the edge, the Clearcoat prevents it soaking into the wood. Also applied on Solartex - one coat for a satin finish - further coats add more gloss. Clearcoat must not be used on enamels - it softens them. It contains solvents that destroy most plastic foams.

Key FeaturesCan be applied over Solarlac colours
Clear gloss finishing resin