PC-6 Pilatus Porter (46-55)

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Pilatus PC6Ñfinished in printed Oracover with rivet & panel detail

Famously STOL and classically turbo-swiss, the full size Turbo porter packs loads of oomph/character and willhappily hedge-hop into a piddly 130 metre landing field!Similarly STOL, the Seagull model features generous wing area, powerful rudder/elevator response and, to be sure, looks uncannily realistic on low, slow flyby's. This thoughtfully designed and laser-cut model even features removable main servo tray and a rear lower fuselage battery hatch to counter the long nose moment.This is begging for an EnerG outrunner/ESC/lipo combinationÑthe wooden parts are ALL included for this and you will not be disappointed with the exquisitely unique and realistic sound of your EnerG brushless-powered Turbo Porter.
Key FeaturesApprox flying weight - 7.1lbs (3.2kg)
Electric conversion kit included FREE!
Factory covered with Oracover
Flying skill level - Intermediate/Advanced
Length - 53.7ins (136.3cm)
Servos - 4 channels with 5 servos
Suits - 46-55 2 Stroke (70 4-Stroke)
Wingspan - 63.0ins (160cm) Wing area - 722.3sq.ins (46.6sq.dm)