Maule Super Rocket 15cc (SEA-232)

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Ring the changes with Seagulls 71 span ARTF version of this delightful light utility aircraft. Fit a .60 ⤓ .91 two-stroke, eight standard servos, and revel in some relaxed circuit-work, gentle aerobatics and the sheer pleasure flying
Piper Cubs are lovely, but let’s face it, they’re pretty common. The Decathlon isn’t to everyones’ taste and, pretty as the Auster clearly is, it’s been modelled many, many times in the past. So, where do you go if you want to ring the changes with your next semi-scale light aircraft purchase but still fancy a high winger? Well, how about Seagull’s latest cabin monoplane, the rather refreshing Maule M-7 Super Rocket, a light utility aircraft with bags of character and, get this, a float option, too! Striking in its yellow and black scheme this 71” span 5-channel, flap-equipped model has all the characterful hallmarks of the classic Cub – a tail-dragger configuration, a sturdy and practical fixed undercarriage, strutery, and classic good looks, all enhanced by a delightfully involved stick and rudder piloting experience. The fact is, pretty much anyone with aileron experience will be able to fly the Maule, but flying it well is where intermediate or advanced pilots will shine.

Suitable for a 10 – 15cc (.60 - .91cu. in.) two-stroke, or four-stroke equivalent the Maule can also be converted into a fully fledged back country float plane using the optional float conversion kit. All-in-all a great all-round scale model that’ll ring the changes, offer long-term enjoyment, and raise an eyebrow at the flying field.


Wingspan (mm): 1800
Length (mm): 1205
Wing area (sq. in): 810
Weight (lb): 9.0
Key FeaturesAirframe factory finished in Oracover.
Authentic colour scheme.
Factory painted glass fibre cowl.
Two piece plug-in wing panels for easy transport and storage.
Choose either i.c. or electric power using the supplied EP conversion kit.
Strudy and practical fixed undercarriage.
Lightweight and tough CNC-cut balsa and ply construction.
Optional float set (sold separately).
What's in the Box1 x Factory assembled and covered fuselage.
1 x Factory assembled and covered wing set.
1 x Factory assembled and covered tail set.
1 x Clear windscreen moulding.
1 x Factory painted glass fibre cowl.
1 x Aluminium tubular wing joiner.
1 x Factory painted alloy undercarriage assembly.
1 x Pilot figure.
1 x Comprehensive hardware pack (screws, horns, fuel tank etc.).
1 x Sprung / steerable tail wheel unit.
1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.
Needed to Complete1 x 10 - 15cc i.c. engine or equivalent electric powertrain.
1 x 5-channel (minimum) transmitter and receiver combo.
1 x Propeller to suit your chosen engine.
8 x Suitable standard size servos (i.c. version).