Funky Cub Red 15cc (SEA-254)

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If you like your aeroplanes large, stable and predictable, Seagulls 70 span high-winger is for you. Dependent on engine choice the Funky Cub will cover a range of duties from training to gentle aerobatics, and even glider towing.
The Funky Cub was designed with the beginner and sport flyer in mind and, as such, is a high-wing aeroplane that's easy to fly and quick to assemble. The airframe is conventionally built using quality balsa and plywood parts to make it stronger than the average ARTF, however the design has allowed it to be kept light.

Since it's supplied Almost Ready To Fly you'll find that most of the work has been done for you, indeed the pushrods are pre-made to the correct lengths, the motor mount has been fitted and the hinges are pre-installed and pinned for security. You'll never tire of flying the Funky Cub, it's pure joy!


Wingspan: 1800mm (71")
Length: 1280mm (50.4")
Wing area: 51.2sq. dm (794sq. in)
Rec'd engine: 10 - 15cc
Approx. flying weight: 3.7kg (8.2lb)
Key FeaturesLightweight balsa / ply construction.
Painted glass fibre cowl and wheel spats.
Designed for glow, petrol, or electric power.
Large, easy access top hatch.
Supplied with all hardware.
Finished in genuine pre-applied Oracover film.
Durable landing gear.
Ultra-docile low-speed flying characteristics.
Detachable windscreen hatch for convenient battery swapping.
Two part wing allows easy transport and storage.
Trainer characteristics coupled with an aerobatic performance.
Optional electric conversion kit included.
Optional float set (sold separately).
What's in the Box1 x Pre-built and pre-covered fuselage.
1 x Pre-built and pre-covered wing set.
1 x Pre-built and pre-covered tail set.
1 x Clear windscreen.
1 x Pre-painted glass fibre cowl.
1 x Aluminium tubular wing joiner.
1 x full hardware pack, including horns, hinges, wheels, fuel tank, engine mount, nuts bolts and linkages.
1 x Conversion set for electric power.
1 x Pilot figure.
1 x Undercarriage unit.
Needed to Complete10 - 15cc i.c. engine or electric equivalent.
Minimum 5-channel radio with 9 servos.
Propeller to suit your engine.
Protective foam for the radio system.