40 Low Wing Sport

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Probably the best model ever produced for those who have had solid experience flying a high wing trainer and who want to learn to 'wring it out' like the pro's. The key is the nearly symmetrical, well-proportioned wing section joined with the super-beefy Seagull 3/4ins ali. wing joiner, full-span strip ailerons, fully sheeted leading edges top and bottom with balsa webbed 'D box' construction for maximum strength. This gives the budding aerobatic pilot the optimum control and security whether upright or inverted.

The generous fuselage side area provides superb stability with excellent tracking for your first forays into knife-edge flight and 4-point rolls.

Like all Seagull models, the aircraft is ready-made with factory-installed pushrods and factory-pinned and glued hinges for ultimate safety. In addition, engine mount, painted pilot and crystalclear canopy have all been installed at the factory.

Key Features4 channel RC with 5 servos
Approx. flying weight - 5.7-5.9lb (2.6-2.7kg)
Flying skill level - Long wing trainer
Length - 49ins (124.4cm)
Suits - 32-46 2-stroke. (52 4-Stroke)
Wing area - 610 sq.ins (39.38sq.dm)
Wingspan - 56.6ins (143.8cm)